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05 February 2005


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You hit the nail on the head. Absolutely true. The level of denial is unbelievable, especially, though not too suprising, among Evangelical Republican circles.

The oppression of Palestine is a gaping wound that fuels the rise of figures like Ahmadinejad and although it is difficult support such a polemicist it isn't hard to see why he is welcomed with open arms by some sections of humanity.

In Britain and America, Zionist control most of the prominent politicians in and out of power. While they continue to hoodwink the electorates of powerful nations the world slips closer and closer to a catastrophic end.

If nuclear war breaks out then we must conclude that life will end on this planet. The chances of this happening become greater each day Israel is allowed pursue its policy of apartheid and its supporters continue their blind and hypocritical double standards.

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