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28 January 2006


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To Anonymous emailer - Islamic Resister:

It is clear then that neither the Israelis nor the Arabs have any interest in peace.

This comes as no surprise to me. When parents prattle on about doing their best for their children and making this a better world for their children with claims such as "I'm a family man, I would never do anything to hurt my children" it has always been clear to me that they are lying hypocrites who's interpretation of the word "love" is in truth "possession" and who, by their deeds, prove they have no cares whatsoever for their children.

As the great philosopher / cartoonist Charles Schultz observed through his creation Lucy van Pelt, the parental way has always been to "stick it to the next generation".

[Incidentally, using anonymous email, in this instance, indicates a lack of conviction in the points you make.]

The main principles
by which
the Arab States abide,


no peace with Israel,
no recognition of Israel,
no negotiations with it,


on the rights
of the Palestinian people
in their own country.

-- from the communique
of the Khartoum conference
of eight Arab heads of state,
September 1967

A just and lasting peace
in the Middle East...
should include the application
of both the following principles:

of Israeli armed forces
from territories occupied
in the recent conflict;

Termination of all claims
or states of belligerency
and respect for
and acknowledgement of
the sovereignty,
territorial integrity
and political independence
of every State in the area

and their right
to live in peace
within secure and recognized boundaries
free from threats
or acts of force.

-- from the poetically beautiful
of the United Nations
Security Council,
November 22nd, 1967

Dear Labi - it is fantastic in this age of double standards and hypocrisy to read your clarity with regard to the struggle of the Palestinian people for liberty and their quest for justice and end to occupation of their lands. Thank you. Like many people I have been becoming more aware of the truth regarding their dispossession and so joined the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - www.palestinecampaign.org - may I invite all who care about a just peace and human rights to do this.
Thanks for your poems - with love

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