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25 March 2012


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Certainly a matter for concern. We'll just have to wait and see.

I see that Zimmerman has been released on bail. Labi, do you think he's a flight risk? My understanding is that the bail amount was so low his father, a retired judge, could easily pay it. If Zimmerman runs off, riots are going to break out in Sanford, FL and beyond.

Hey Guys
My sister sent me a link to 'Something inside'...I am going through the family court process and cannot afford legal representation. I am being prevented from seeing and speaking to my son (10) because of foul and terrible lies told by my ex - that he has not had to prove and that are (obviously) untrue. The pain of being seperated has been so unbearable. I want Mr Siffre to know that his song has given me the strength to fight for my son , against the clever lawyears etc. Please say a prayer for me, and for my son Orson and that truth and justice will prevail for us. Thank you for your light Mr Siffre.

Robin, yes indeed,

The state of FL legislature & law enforcement have dug themselves into a pit of problems over the Trayvon Martin affair/disaster/travesty/tragedy.

Saving face will be their priority. How that will affect justice in the case is to be seen.

I wish this message could be spread in every 'hood' around. And another thing: it's tragic and unjustified that Trayvon Martin died. What saddens me more is that it seems to me Martin's death is turning into a media circus. I would rather see the large crowds gathered in hoodies helping Trayvon's family get a better lawyer/lawyers, or petitioning the state of FL legislature to repeal the 'Stand Your Ground' Act.

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