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22 March 2012


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The Newtown tragedy broke my heart. I've been ill with flu for the past 2 1/2 weeks, and on the day I felt well enough to get out of bed, the shooting was all over the news. I couldn't stop crying. Yes, we need serious gun control, but something else that isn't being addressed more is mental health issues.

This recent tragedy with the man shooting down his wife and daughter in the restaurant after the wife tells him she's leaving him boggles the mind. In lots of stressful situations in life, the best thing to do(though it may appear 'cowardly' to some) is walk away. In doing so, you save your life and possibly many others as well. Think about it: if this man had shot his wife, wounding, but not killing her, would it have prevented her from leaving him? I seriously doubt it.

The clothes of a hero are difficult to wear and the fit uneasy ... but look great in them - Love XXX

Gourmet pioneers; I like that :-)

Love the subtle use of initials in the title! It represents something far more frightening than the Constitutional right 'to bear arms'. My Dad has 1 rifle, now rusted and out of commission, which he used primarily to hunt small game a few times a year. I sure do miss having rabbit etoufee with rice and homemade biscuits over the Christmas holidays(yum).


Imagine having a gun cabinet on your study wall stuffed with so many rifles and guns that you have to give some thought as to which you will play with today. I wonder if the NRA has any idea how many mini-arsenals exist in the U.S. Let's hope the buggers can't get their hands on any ammunition, or there'll be carnage.

Anyway, young Sir, previous praise is echoed by me except mine comes from the very top of my heart, the best part.

p.s. the you-inspired Blog has attracted 7,072 viewings to date. You might say I've gone global ! Some soul in The Sudan logged on during December but didn't tarry as my Arabic, like my .5 calibre Bren Gun, is rusty.

Respect from your old pal

Thank you Sam, I appreciate that.

Labi, you are the most incredible person and an amazingly talented artist. I treasure your music especially. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the very best!

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