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24 August 2012


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I guess they are squandering their own wealth now... Rhinos being killed at breaking record every day, and evermore dying at record rates in those lands too. Blind ignorance is bliss.

Thou shall not kill, negative laws exist to allow us the freedom to express ourselves, negative laws create space, in the same way that as parents our negative discipline ("Please don't do that") creates an enviroment for our children to be free.

What sick selfishness caused this lune to do this we will never know, but my heart goes out to every parent that lost a child in this heartless act

Ah, of course, Labi you're right, and perhaps, in terms of responsibility, even the most righteous could not be spared. To kill everyone and then turn the gun on myself would leave no one to care for the children, and so is no kinda solution. Can't help feeling that way when I hear of these things, but we can't allow ourselves to ruled by our hearts alone. So on reflection, I'm both a parent and a philosopher. I do tend more toward a way of mind than a gut reaction. Please accept my apology for making so foolish and aggressive a comment, it's not helpful and this isn't the place.

One need not be a parent to share (at the least be sympathetic to) the views in your last two sentences. However, in terms of culpability and/or responsibility, in order to hold true to your last two sentences one would have to kill at least millions of people.

Philosophically speaking, I prefer to view any harmful mindset as a psychological disorder, and furthermore that the only instance in which an individual can be put to death is in the interests of ending their suffering. However, I'm a parent, not a philosopher and when men kill children there is no need of trial, judge or jury. Hand me the gun and I'll end them myself.

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