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13 September 2012


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The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York & The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. are just two examples of religious inspired violence. Today marks the 12th anniversary of that event that sent the world economy to its knees. I might also add it did nothing to endear people to the attackers religious persuasion. The end result was nothing but deaths of innocent people and more ethnic & religious hatred.

Mr. Siffre, I became acquainted with your music via Kanye West's 'I Wonder'. I think the problem in the world is that everybody thinks their spiritual or religious philosophy is the standard all should follow, even if that following is forced. No one should be forced to do anything under duress. That is just like raping someone.

Hi Labi,

A few weeks ago I was browsing through Youtube (I have been a fan of your music for quite some time) when I came across a live recording of Sparrow in the Storm and at the start you say a few words about "how rotten most people are, and how wonderful love is." I was absolutely struck at how poetic is was; it has really resonated with me since.

Thank you for your music and your poetry and your wisdom. Your expression is beautiful, honest, and magnificent.

All the very best,

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