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26 May 2013


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If faith in a God or other belief brings comfort to people then that has to be a good thing as long as it does not become and obsession.

One thing for sure is while different faiths assume their version of events is the correct one, there will always be conflict.

Evidence is whatever you want it to be. The "evidence" of God presented by a religious man will be dismissed as superstition by a non religious man, so evidence does not actually move any debate forward. There have been so many "scientific" ideas, supported by evidence that have later been proven incorrect, we can never know when the evidence presented is adequate to prove the point. Since we can never know when anything we believe is supported by evidence will be proven wrong, we may as well just believe in what suits us. If this is true, God is a good choice since what's wrong with claiming to believe in love!

It's as though my own Father blogged this.. If my father knew how to operate any sort of technology beyond the microwave and television remote. (And even those are iffy...)

Truly enjoyed reading through your blog and hope you don't mind that I linked it from my own.


Travon Martin was killed at point blank range, the shooter goes free, and everyone wants to pray. A total miscarriage of justice, and Zimmerman has the nerve to laugh about it. Justice? What justice?

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