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03 March 2014


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Dear Mr Siffre,

The BBC Radio 4 programme on Something Inside has reminded me of how important the song was to me. I grew up in the 1970's & 80's in a Hertfordshire village. As one of a handful of black children all the way through school the rather narrow mindset of many was challenging. I was aware of the politics of South Africa and your song, when it was released later added to my political consciousness. For me it succinctly conveyed what must have been felt by many who resisted the dreadful violence and oppression of aparthied. I find it difficult to listen to the song, it makes me feel rather emotional. Thank you for the courage you have given to many who listen to it.

Kind regards,
D Palmer

Hi Steve,

I haven't ruled it out. It was a worthwhile learning experience. I'm pleased it worked for you.

Are you ever going to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe again?

I saw you there about 19 years ago and you deservedly received numerous 5 star reviews and ever since I've hoped you might do something similar again

It's rare I've been moved by a performance at Edinburgh but your comments re your childhood and performance of (Something Inside) So Strong did just that. A truly wonderful and memorable experience

All the best

Steve McLaren

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