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28 April 2014


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Hi, sprocketkf
Re: the cherry roland version of 'second time around': Sorry, can't help you. I was unaware of that cover version & have no info about it.

i was researching to use your song Second Time Around for a film (where i am now working with sony bmg to make it happen), and found all of your recent poetry and social commentary. thank you! it is encouraging and hopeful to be inspired by your thinking and take on the world. humanity has a chance! days when i think there isnt one, i come across this, and see the light again, and the light is on. thank you.
i do have a question, that you may know the answer to. the cherry roland version of 'second time around', who has the master and rights to it? thank you for all the creativity and now social contributions you give. the world needs more of you.

Yes, just read Palmer & Colton's latest edition of "A History of the Modern World" to test the truth of your statement!

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