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17 December 2014


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I remember meeting you after your performance at the Hull Truck Theatre in the 80s. That moment stayed with me all my life, not as hero worship but the warmth you exuded. As a gay man myself and having hidden it from fear of reprisal, I felt no such repression coming from you and in the coming years I have used your influence as my benchmark. Thank you for soothing and warming my life.


Dear Mr. Siffre, I must have been living under a rock in the '80s 'cause i just didn't notice your music then. My 19 year old turned me on to your songs just today. I hope that you are well because I feel moved to say that your words and music are profound and beautiful and i hope they keep coming.
A new fan,
Micaela Harari

'A scoundrel?' Perhaps. 'The Scoundrel?' Never. The Scoundrel plays and plays till identified. God, first, present, last refuge, undoubtedly God like the Scoundrel will be last.

I'd like to commission a poem - please contact me at your convenience

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