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31 January 2017


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Thank you for being here Labi Siffre. I am concerned with or interested in many of the same things in your posts/comments/songs. Although I have a slightly different view to you on some things and markedly different on others I really appreciate your voice and expression so thank you for that. I am for open and honest communication for sure.
My introduction to your work was when you used to come to Australia many years ago ....later, I bought your Man of Reason album and the song Schooldays from that album became a sort of anthem for my family as we grappled with school choices for our teenagers.....and the power of Schooldays strongly resonated with our views on "education".
That was also a long time ago now but we all still love that song, that album and your work generally.
So thank you again.

Always refreshing to hear the songs - lyrics as relevent today as when they written - a sign of excellence. Pure emotion.

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