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22 August 2017


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If such a suggestion were put into place, trust me, the level of violence would be widespread and targeting Blacks at random and Black communities. Just yesterday, the vice president of the U.S., Mike Pence, left a football game before it started, stating that he & his family would not watch a game where players "disrespected the National Anthem and the flag by kneeling instead of standing", that the players showed "Disrespect for the patriots who fight for America's freedom." REALLY, V.P. Pence? Blacks only want our government to truly live up to the creeds of the Constitution by dealing directly with the bias and unjustified & excessive force too many Blacks encounter with law enforcement. Pence's actions at yesterday's game remind me of when Adolf Hitler left the Olympic Games in Berlin, because he couldn't accept the reality that Jesse Owens, a Black American, shattered his myth of so called Aryan superiority. It seems to me that Pence did this to stir up an environment of racial animosity...and it is already working: a Black anchorwoman for a sports network has been suspended for calling President Trump "a White Supremacist" in a Tweet; the coach of an NFL team said if any of his players took a knee during the National Anthem, he wouldn't let them play. Why is this? Why is it EVERY TIME an issue related to injustice against Blacks comes up, to wage any form of peaceful protest is seen as evil and heavy handed punishment is meted out to those prominent Blacks unafraid to speak up?

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