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17 September 2017


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So am I and I voted for it, and still stand by it not despite the uncertainty but almost because of it, to simplify, the EU is failing the poor and under represented people across europe and will continue to do so without change, we (as a nation) have tried to implement change and failed mainly because of the fundemental way the EU is run and I'm not talking about imigration/single market/currency issuses but it's intrinsic structure. The EU serves itself and its servants, little wonder those that see no benefit rile against it, possibly wrongly but I'm willing to side with those rather than people who are doing ok, claim to understand issues but in reality do not. As with everything there is no perfect solution but I feel it's time to look at the structure and proccess rather than the outcome, that way the debate can be had before the decision rather than after as is the case in the current climate. sometimes too much information, too soon, unfiltered is a bad thing

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