06 May 2019


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Yes, when man sees suffering as an means for profit.
When man sees division as a prize to be won.
When man sees opinion as a dance to be choreographed.
One must ask; how much humanity is left within the shell of man?
(Always loved your work Mr Siffre, long may you keep on, keeping on)

I absolutely agree with all you have said.I have been fighting for the rights of families who have a family member with a disability for the past 30 years. I have an adopted daughter who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome who has multiple disabling factors in her ife. The Tories would have her shut away quietly, "no chance" she's a valued member of her community well loved and loves generously right back. I'm 70 today and it looks like the fight for her rights is back worse than ever it was. If we leave the EU the politicians will take no time at all in an attempt to stop everything that makes her happy, going to concerts, the cinema, horse riding. It will all stop along with her benefits. Why can't the ordinary people realize that Brexit is only benefitting rich people.

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