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12 June 2019


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Labi, in the U.S., for some reason, commentary about Brexit centers on reducing immigration and the virtues of isolationism---things President Trump is pushing for, no matter the cost. Avoidance Coping gave me a clear understanding of what issues led to the Brexit decision. p Wasting and mismanaging resources won't magically cease if the U.S. puts immigrants, legal or otherwise, in detention camps. Becoming a 'lone eagle' isolationist nation will not make other nations enamored of the U.S. The U.S. has grossly squandered its wealth, in terms of monetary wealth, natural resources, and human capital, turned a blind eye to inefficiency and corruption for decades, and now that the small pile of trash swept under the rug so long ago is now a menacing mountain, escapism is the proposed solution. As people, we cannot 'run away' from ourselves by moving to another neighborhood or city. Wherever we go, there we are. How much more so this is true for nations!

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