27 May 2020


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Just to say……..what a beautiful person you are!! I have been listening to your music since the early 70s and today, again, there are moments in my day that you provoke tender and sensitive times from my pass that no other person can do. This morning, listening to you brings a tear, not altogether sad, you just hit my soul!!
You are a beautiful person.
Pete. X


I wish love was enough. Things have devolved into pure madness in the U.S. In the past week, 4 Black men and one Black teenage boy were found hanging from trees. The boy was hung from a tree in the parking lot of his high school. In each case, police officials quickly ruled each case a suicide. I don't buy it. This is not 1816, 1877, or 1917. This is 2020. What's next??

I remember hearing you singing this Downstairs at Fred's Deli, Manchester in 1999. It's awesome (sorry I do use this word in exceptional cases).

But seriously I can think of no more fitting song than this piece to lift our heads and minds in amongst the pandemic (where kindness counts) and it more recent times where equality seems to have taken a beating by rise in populism and religious dogma

So welcome back, we need you now more than ever.

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