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Hi Labi, I've been trying to find a way to contact you but have only found the comment box as a way to connect so apologies! I've included my email, if you would reply to me I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to ask you a few questions. Thanks very much. Felix

In this time , strange Covid season I have been enjoying music and rediscovering brilliant songs of yours, Crying Laughing Loving, Watch Me, and It Must be love. They are just so good.
I find your choice of poetry very interesting and your website in general very thought provoking.
I have long wondered where you went as I recall Crying Laughing Loving as a teenager and found it on spotify.
So your older songs are still giving much pleasure.

Just found your website - thank you Mr Siffre I will be reading it and reading it ... so sorry you could not get married then again who knows just best wishes ... Sincerely Hania

This is gonna huge, i just cant belive it that i am standing at a great blog of my life, i am really glad to have my comment here in very decent topic. thanks to webmaster.

I agree with your idea but, there are different school of thoughts producing different ideas that has to brought into consideration

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